Get all the data you need in one independant & secure platform

AVICEN, a proven open platform for connected cars that helps you build and run an entire digital fleet management solution whose distinct social and human touch gives you a clear competitive advantage.

A hassle-free independent platform that quickly and easily brings your digital automotive project to life.

A marketplace that can boost your performance as an established fleet managers, OEMs and suppliers, … that keeps their core legacy system.

AVICEN is all these things

and more !

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We provide out-of-the-box or customized services to suit business needs


In a business, as diverse as the automotive industry, we know that the path to success for independent providers is unique.


It means security, transparency and control over data from your own vehicles, combined with the many benefits of customized services.


We are at the forefront of the industry’s privacy standards. Technology powered privacy compliance and risk management solutions for the GDPR and much more.


A scalable platform enables organizations to solve large-scale business problems through the high-performance processing of massive data volumes.


We provide out-of-the-box or customized services to suit business needs. That is precisely what we do – adapt our approach to changes in the marketplace.


It starts with what you see – not right in front of you, but rather, far ahead. As the decision maker, you can clarify options and rewards.

That is precisely what we do :
a great open platform !

Some numbers about connected vehicles
Connected Vehicles in France

Million vehicles



YEAR 2017



YEAR 2025

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IoT Fleet Management

Market in Billion $


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YEAR 2016


Billions $

YEAR 2025

IoT Fleet Management - Trends

Real-time asset

Expel or limit the dangers related with vehicle investment

Improving efficiency and productivity

Smart and reliable data

Dismish the general transportation and staff costs

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Whether you are interested in joining our exclusive lab program for fleet managers or you are just part of the automotive market, we would like you to help us improve our platform by answering our quick self assessment questionnaire.