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It is becoming increasingly more difficult to identify the smart and reliable data because of the amount of it and it being scattered through different data siloes.

New technologies and platforms emerge, allowing us to improve significantly previous solutions.

AVICEN selects high quality data from its platform, to validate against standards and aggregates it into language for B2B actors.

Connected car is currently one of the hot topics in the automotive industry

The evolution of the automotive ecosystem

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Committed to innovation, agility and above all, customer centricity

Since our founding in 2016, AVICEN helps companies use data to build stronger and more efficient connections with their customers.

We aim to continuously find a new and meaningful way to build our clients harness with the power of data to fuel more relevant and personalized experiences across screens and devices, online and off.


We strongly believe in working with both newcomers and established players to address the shortcomings in the data automotive industry and to provide real-world, progressive solutions to solve these issues.


The digitalization in automotive and connected cars are redefining competitive dynamics in the industry.
In this context, the cooperation is a necessity.