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Lab Program. By giving a voice to our customers, we create a community that interact with you. This community allows people to advice each other, to discover our products, to share smart ideas – all while earning business process and data know-how.

For us, developing a truly disruptive technology rests on building of a strong cooperation, allowing the human factor to drive innovation.

The Lab : creating better product, services and user experience


Customer engagement has never been so deep

Data changes traditional businesses and enables innovation which helps create better product, services and user experience: Lab Program

In a data-driven society, what’s better than having customers interacting with one another, and self-segmenting into group based on similar lifestyle and interests?

You can stop guessing what customers want; you will be able to know and provide them with a personalizer experience.

Customer engagement has never been so deep, transparent and human as AVICEN makes it.

– we do that !

Lab Program | Use case: value proposition for Fleet managers


Vehicle Health Tracking (real-time malfunction alerts)

Analysis of driving behavior

Integrates into a road safety plan

Automatic emergency calls (eCall)

Real time hazard notifications


Return On Invest (ROI):
The differences between the real TCO and the forecast TCO can be quite significant. They can represent between 12% and 20% of the total cost.

Reduction of the real cost of use of the vehicle:
Unlike the forecast TCO, the real TCO can be calculated only at the end of the period during which the vehicle is used. The real TCO also takes the following elements into account: invoiced extra equipment; additional costs relating to the driver’s driving behaviour; authorised changes to the car policy, including any resulting unbudgeted additional costs.

Rationalization of purchases through better bargaining power


Infinite source of business uses via the store

Increase in the utilization rate of vehicles

Operational efficiency of employees


Automation of tasks

Real-time KPI

Quickly identify core problem areas

Fuel consumption tracking

Tool for anticipation and rapid decision-making

Ecosystem of suppliers on the same marketplace


Lower CO2 emissions

Reduce Nox emissions

Transition to low carbon mobility

Simplified carbon balance


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