How to manage and make sense of all that data to drive innovation?

In the 21st century cars are no longer simply a means of getting around.
They are also high-powered computers connected to internet
– “connected cars”.

The challenge for industry players is that data will not be car centric,
but customer centric.

Creating new experiences to increase brand loyalty in your customers


Increasing productivity and vehicle usages is becoming a day-to-day challenge.

Keeping watch on the operational side of things to allow costs to decrease and to manage a large fleet of vehicles is a priority.

These businesses need tools to ensure that they are managing the routes efficiently, maintaining their vehicles proactively, keeping a close eye on driving behaviors, and increasing customer satisfaction.

Our connected data platform can help you create actionable intelligence to transform your business with : Speed. Insight. Flexibility. Affordability.

From collected data to generate relevant and actionable information


We have put together an data analytics software, an adequate team of data scientists, and analytics helping you identify the right data streams and creating the model for you.

This will enable our customers to build a completely new set of services, better cars, and a brand new experience to increase loyalty.

A dedicated store
for profesionnal services


GPS vehicle tracking

Driver safety

Operational efficiency

Reduction cost of ownership

Operational efficiency

Improved driver experience

Safety and convenience


Vehicle performance status

Roadside assistance
and certified mechanics

Predictive maintenance services
reducing breakdown risks and downtime


Collision warnings

Automatic emergency calls (eCall)

Real time hazard notifications

Driving skills improvement & education

Data for first responders
and healthcare providers

Expansion of service portfolio

Contract management

Complete online diagnosis and repair capability


Usage based insurance (PAYD/PHYD)

Improved risk identifiction

Vehicle usage monitoring and scoring

Reduction cost of damage management

Stolen Vehicle Tracking (SVT)
and Recovery (theft protection service)

Expansion of customer base

Optimized calculation


Higher efficiency

Expansion of customer base
and service portfolio

Service & Repair relevant knowledge
and software

Increased customer experience
and return rate

Predictive maintenance

Less breakdowns

Better runtime


Expansion of customer base
and service portfolio

Optimization of logistic supply chain

Reduction of return rates

Increased share of accounts

Parts upselling to premium

Accelerate time to market

Capitalize process efficiency gains